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Getting to Know Presentation BVM School

School Hours- 7:45 to 2:30

Doors open at 7:30 AM

Dress code-The uniform may be purchased at DiGiulio’s @ 6948 Frankford Avenue or Flynn and O’Hara. A price list will be sent home. Preschool, PreK 4, and Kindergarten students wear the gym uniform every day. The dress code is included in the handbook. A Used Uniform Sale is held in August.

 Emergency School Closing and Late Arrivals will be announced through various outlets. The school will use voice messaging and texts through Option C, a parent notification system. Our number is Montgomery County # 341

School Fees:

  • K to 8 Registration Fee- $150 per family at time of registration
  • Confirmation Fee– Collected in two payments- in grade 6 payment for textbook and bible and in 7th grade payment for gown and retreat.
  • Eighth Grade Fee– Around $275 payable in two payments. Covers cost of 8th grade retreat, graduation gown, yearbook, class trip, class party, diplomas and awards.


There are two school-sponsored fundraisers one in the fall and one in late winter. Participation in either or both sales is optional but strongly encouraged. 

Additional fundraisers are sponsored by the Home and School Association and the CYO.

The Home and School Association run most of the other fundraisers that support the fine arts program of the school and participation is optional.

The CYO fundraisers support the CYO sports and other CYO expenditures.



You may send your child to school with their packed lunch every day


Presentation BVM School offers a free breakfast and lunch program to all students in Kindergarten to grade 8 through the archdiocesan office of Nutrition Development Services. A typical “Grab ‘n Go” breakfast consists of a whole grain entree such as a muffin, bagel, breakfast bar or cereal, a half-pint of milk and two servings of fruit.  The school breakfast provides ¼ of a child’s daily calories and growth nutrients. Students pick-up their breakfast when they arrive at school and take it to their classrooms.  A lunch menu is posted on the school website each month so parents can decide on a daily basis if their child should order hot lunch or bring a lunch from home.  All lunches include a hot entree, a whole grain item, a vegetable, milk and fruit. These lunches provide 1/3 of a child’s daily requirement of calories and nutrients. If you would like to learn more about the Nutritional Development Services lunch program, please visit nutritionaldevelopmentservices.org.

Safe Arrival– Parents MUST notify school of their child’s absence. If a parent does not telephone the main office will call your home to verify the child’s absence. Safe Arrival Phone # is (215) 379-4860.

School Handbook is online at www.presentationbvmschool.org. All students and parents must sign and agree to be governed by the policies stated in this handbook and the regulations of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.   The signature page is at the end of the handbook.

Summer Reading List and Stationery list will be available online early June.

A Tentative Calendar will be posted on our website in June. This calendar is tentative and may be changed. Check the online monthly calendar for the updated calendars.

Transportation-The public school district of residence provides bus service. That district determines student eligibility.