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Twenty nine years of teaching at Presentation School is a long time to be in one place for me. I began my first year of teaching at St. Bernard’s and later continued at St. Luke’s  for eleven years. I am surprised when I look at these numbers of years in my life and wonder how did it all happen?   

I am certain it was through the encouragement, love and support of a Catholic school setting, religious sisters, lay teachers, priests and friends who guided my every decision from St. Katherine of Siena, Wayne, St. Callistus School, Resurrection, and St. Hubert’s. From these great places of learning I was off to Manor Jr. College, Holy Family, Temple and Villanova. Along the way, I married David and we celebrated the births of Megan, David Jr. and Patrick. Later came the additions of grandchildren, Benjamin age seven and Norah, three.

Fast forward to today when my best times are having long dinners with family and friends, learning from third graders and last but not least, taking naps!