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Parent Testimonials

“I like Pres because it uses state-of-the-art technology, has good teacher to student ratios, and offers art and music classes.”

Robert H.

“I sent my child to this school for a Catholic education and the choice was the best. I like Presentation BVM School because of its small learning environment, the ratings, and the transportation system. I would tell other people that Presentation BVM School has a great school system, is well-maintained, and has great sport varieties.”

La’Trice J.

“If a friend asked me if I recommended Presentation I would say yes. I would say yes because Presentation is a special place filled with friendly educators and students.”

Peter D.

“I send my children to Pres so we all get a good Catholic school education. I feel as though Presentation takes the time to get to know each child and what his/her needs are.”

Catherine and Robert L.

“A lot of Catholic schools are closing and Presentation BVM’s reputation is what’s keeping it open. I know that my child will get a good Catholic education at Presentation.”

Christian L.

“Presentation BVM School is great for Catholic education and the teachers and staff are very supportive of the kids. Presentation is a family friendly school.”

John and Kelly M.

“I send my child to Presentation BVM School to get a Catholic education. I like that it is a close knit community. I am happy with their academic programs like their science lab and computer lab. I think that Presentation is a great school.

Mariette O.

I sent my child to Presentation BVM because it looked like a nice school for her to go to. Now I know I made the right choice because the education she is getting is great. There are also many activities that she has like band.”


“I am very pleased that my children are experiencing a Christ based education that will enrich their lives even after they complete their elementary schooling. I would tell people that Presentation School is staffed by great teachers and staff that teach respect, and faith based on the teaching of Christ. I send my children to Presentation BVM School for an education that is based on academics and to grow spiritually. What I like about Presentation School are the dedicated staff and teachers who look after all the students’ personal and academic needs.”

Henry R.