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Name: Mrs. Schroeder

Grade/Subject You Teach: First Grade and all subjects

Background (education, etc.): B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Holy Family University

How long have you been a teacher here: I will be starting my 24th year at Presentation B.V.M. in September, although I have been teaching for 29.5 years total.

Why you chose teaching: I had the opportunity to teach in an Early Childhood Program during my Junior and Senior year of high school and I enjoyed it. I like sharing my love of reading with my students. I particularly love the Magic Tree House which I read to my children growing up and now share with my students each year.

The role of faith in your teaching role: The core concepts of Catholicism are based around giving back to others and making the world a better place and there is no better way to do that besides teaching. Both my children attended Presentation B.V.M. and received a great foundation in faith through their 8+ years.

Favorite part of teaching/memorable moments: This June I received a thank you card  from a 4th Grader -he wrote the best thing you taught me is that books were my best friend-like the Magic Tree House books. Thank you Ben ❤.

Anything else you’d like to add: During the Summer , I like to read at the beach or on my porch . This Summer I am learning how to play Pickleball.