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WaWa Shorti Hoagie Coupons

Coupons are available in the Scrip Office.

Wawa Shorti Hoagie Coupons
No time to cook…….no problem!

Each coupon cost $3.50.
(Retail value of a shorti hoagie is $4.59)
Coupons can be used at any Wawa store locations and they do not have an expiration date.

Proceeds benefit Presentation BVM School Technology Program

Quotes from some happy customers, “The Wawa hoagie
coupons make terrific ‘token’ gifts (that is,
a small gift for someone such as a co-worker, etc) for whom
one would get a little something but not anything too big or
too expensive.”
“An easy, inexpensive, quality meal for a busy night.”