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  Today, Presentation BVM Catholic Elementary School places the spotlight on Mrs. Tracy O’Drain. This is her first year teaching with us. She is our 7th-grade homeroom teacher and teachers science to our 5th-8th grade students.  Mrs. O’Drain hails from Mississippi. She grew up and attended college in Mississippi. She takes influence from her everyday life to apply to her method of teaching, and always takes an opportunity to learn if she finds herself able. She has always wanted to be a teacher. While she has had many roles in life, Mrs. O’Drain says motherhood and teaching are the two roles God has led her to.  Mrs. O’ Drain’s Catholic faith is very important to her. “My Faith is everything in my teaching,” she said. “It is the reason I teach Catholic School; so that I have the freedom to intertwine my faith with my teaching. I love talking to my students about prayer and the many ways we can serve.” She describes herself as a funny person who loves to laugh. All the moments that have resulted in laughter between her and her students in the classroom will always stay with her.  Outside of her time at Presentation BVM, Mrs. O’Drain enjoys being outdoors. As a science teacher, she is able to integrate many of her experiences in the outdoors into her lessons. She would love to teach in an outdoor setting, calling this her “ultimate classroom.”