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Spiritual Life

As a Catholic School, Presentation BVM School places great emphasis on the prayer life and spiritual development of all members of the school community. The school day begins with prayers over the public address system and ends with prayers in every classroom. All students receive religious instruction in the Catholic faith. Students in first through eighth grade attend mass monthly. On special seasonal holidays, the entire student body celebrates Mass, prayer services, or Stations of the Cross together. Students are encouraged to join the parish choir, lector, and become altar servers.

Our Gospel Values teaching immerses all students in the ideals of Justice, Truth, Faith, Service, Forgiveness, Compassion and Hope. Our Anti-bullying Project contains a spiritual component reflecting on a gospel passage that reminds us to follow Jesus the Master teacher and role model. Through a variety of projects, our students recognize the value of service and learn what it means to be a follower of Christ. Through a variety of activities students, parents, faculty and staff live the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, and fulfill our call to serve.

Students in Grade two are prepared to receive Penance and Holy Eucharist for the first time. In Grade six students begin preparation for the reception of Confirmation. The final steps of preparation take place in Grade seven and students are confirmed in the fall of this school year.