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Presentation BVM School Technology Update

Technology Update Letter ~ January 2017

Our goal is to replace the remaining older six computers in the computer lab. We are implementing  Chromebooks for third to seventh grade.

If you would like to help with our technology goals, here is an easy way to donate.


We will we continue our 1:1 iPad program with our eighth grade. Seventh grade will be utilizing Chromebooks on a daily basis. Each student will receive an iPad to work with while here at school, all day long. They will customize the iPads with the necessary apps for their classes. The purpose is to provide a challenging and engaging environment as we use the iPad as a resource to teach and integrate curriculum and technology. We believe this initiative will have a tremendous impact on learning and teaching. For more information please visit Grades 7 & 8 1:1 iPads

We have 40 iPads for use throughout the school. Teachers can sign out the iPads when they want to use them with their class. Grades K to 3 have iPad centers (5 iPads) for classroom use. An iPad classroom center is setup in our Honor Math classroom also.

We have 63 Chromebooks available for use. Our goal is to start a 1:1 with fourth grade. The remaining chromebooks may be signed out by fifth and sixth grade. It is our hope that these devices broaden the students access to educational experiences. The chromebooks afford students access to their G-Suite apps and all items stored on the cloud. They also allow access to many apps, extensions, and web 2.0 tools.


Classroom Centers using iPads

Our Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and honors math classrooms have been outfitted with five iPads to use as a classroom center. These centers will help with differentiated instruction and take learning to a new level and experience for our students.

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