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Catholic education is an investment in your child’s future.  

The cost to educate each child at Presentation BVM is almost $7,500 per student.  But through the generosity of our parish, we can provide every practicing Catholic with a tuition subsidy.  

In addition, we have hundreds of thousands of dollars for additional tuition assistance, scholarships, grants and financial aid.  Most families will qualify.  

Click here to learn about the tuition assistance, financial aid, grants, and scholarships we provide.

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Kindergarten to Grade 8
2022-2023 Tuition

All families must register through FACTS. Click here.

Good news!  Next year’s tuition will include fundraising, technology art and lunch fees!

Parishioner Annual Tuition Monthly Payment
1st Child in the Family  $4,500 $450
2nd Child in the Family $3,250 $325
3rd Child in the Family $2,650 $265
Non-Parishioner Annual Tuition Monthly Payment
1st Child in the Family  $5,550 $555
2nd Child in the Family $5,050 $505
3rd Child in the Family $3,650 $365

Registration Fee

The registration fee is $150 per family. It is divided into three (3) payments of $50 each. It is deducted from your FACTS.

The registration fee must be paid when you receive your letter of acceptance in order to secure your child’s placement for next year.

Delinquent Tuition

Student(s) may be excluded from classes for seriously delinquent accounts. At the close of each trimester, report cards will be withheld. At the close of the school year, no academic records will be sent to other schools for any child who has outstanding tuition, CARES payments or any other financial obligations.

How to Save on Tuition

Participate in the Scrip Program- Some families have been able to save over $1000 on their tuition by purchasing scrip (gift certificates) for the stores they shop at regularly. The profit is split between the parish and the individual purchasing scrip. This credit is then redeemed as a check for your tuition. It can be for any Catholic school.

If you haven’t tried this easy way of gaining $$$ off on your tuition, give it a try. The list of participating stores and the names of phone numbers of the program managers is available online at the parish website under scrip. Please remember, new participants must use cash for the first three purchases. So purchase your scrip and have your extended family help you save at no cost to them except a little time and effort! For more information go to our parish website click on the scrip toolbar on the left. A list of stores and scrip hours are listed along with an email for further info.

Click here for the Presentation BVM Scrip Program


Refer A Family Program

We are asking for your help in spreading the good news of Presentation BVM School. Our school offers a quality Catholic education in a small community setting. We are blessed with dedicated teachers, terrific parents and wonderful children! Presentation School has been a strong and vibrant part of this community for over ninety years! Let’s share our Pres Pride community wide!

We are continuing our Presentation Endorsement Program to encourage and to thank you for actively marketing our school.  If you refer a new family (never had a child enrolled in Presentation BVM School in the past) to register and their child attends Presentation BVM School for the 2022-23 school year, you will receive a one-time $500 credit off of your January 2023 tuition payment!

Please share the good news of Presentation BVM School with prospective families (your family, neighbors, and friends) via our web page, youtube, Facebook and Instagram pages. If you would like a hardcopy of our marketing materials, please let me know.

Thank you for your continued support of Presentation BVM School.